Monday, January 21, 2008

"Covenant Enforcement"..........

Social Manipulation, Control, Harassment, and Fee Generation by HOAs and the People Who Brought Them To Us. (Copyright 2008 Koreen Kruger)

When you consider that powerful, influential S.I.G.s (Special Interest Groups) comprised of the U.L.I. (Urban Land Institute), the N.A.R. (National Association of Realtors), the C.A.I (Community Association Institute), and the N.A.H.B. (National Association of Home Builders) brought the concept of "HomeOwnerAssociations" into concrete reality, it's not surprising that HOAs are structured to enforce social-psychological methods of persuasion and apply group conformity pressures in artificial cultural constructs. "Covenant Enforcement" sounds very biblical and religious in it's implications. I will never forget one "violation letter" to us from a Florida "LCAM" stating "Our job is covenant enforcement!" It still makes me furious. There is already enough social and religious persecution without "covenant enforcement" harassment and persecution!

HOAs are experiments in social control and manipulation of human behavior primarily to generate income and fees for their perpetrators. Their blatant self-interests are forcing the compliance of "homeowners" subjected to collusive and coercive pursuasive harassment reinforced by threats of fines, liens, foreclosures and loss of their "homes." The HOA "board members" are pawns in this high-powered political legal game! The more stupid, greedy, and controlling the "board members" are the better they like it - hence the "classes" they teach at their "institutes." No doubt the BoDs are thrown a few bones now and then at the expense of the other "homeowners." The more one studies the methods of these "professionals" the more insidious these HOA schemes are revealed to actually be!

We seriously need to stop this cancer that "runs with the land" before it really gets out of hand and there are NO "property rights" left anywhere - only CIDs, CDDs, POAs, and PUDs with HOA BoDs, PCAMs, LCAMs, CAMs, the C.A.I. lawyers and judges, U.L.I. developers, N.A.H.B, builders, and NAR Realtors! Does this Nightmare never end?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Little Humor..............

We are HOA D.M.s
Special Notice to the B.O.S.HOA, Inc. from the HOA D.M.s (Defrauded Monkeys.)
This is to advise you all that we received the Monkey Business 2007 (partial year) "Financial Statement" along with the Monkey Business 2008 projected budget. Please accept our partial bunch of bananas as partial payment of the HOA "dues" and "assessments" demanded. You guys are doing a wonderful job - our cages look great! Our regards to the trio of blind, deaf, and mute Primates on the board.

Your friends,
The Magilla Gorillas

Saturday, January 5, 2008

What is "riff-raff" ?

This is just a post about a statement made to me by one of the HOA board members when I questioned the large increases in our yearly HOA "dues" shortly after he got on the board. He stated to me that "we want the dues high to keep out the riff-raff." He would not elaborate further about who he considers to be "riff-raff" but I did get some definite impressions from him. Notably that anyone not like himself, his family and friends were probably "riff-raff." This attitude is quite wide spread among some people. Lately this same board member pounded on our front door like a "gestapo" and demanded on at least two occasions that my husband sign his recall petition of the HOA president (the same man that he and the other board members supposedly appointed to the board to be the HOA president.)
His treatment of us is usually referred to as duress and harassment in a normal situation but in HOA ruled nonsense land it seems to be O.K. Since nothing can be done about it except ordering him to stop pounding on our door, etc., we just deal with it. He did succeed it getting the HOA president re-called at the recent meeting and the attending CAI attorney "certified" the recall. This is the current state of things in the Florida HOA land where we live.