Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Little Humor..............

We are HOA D.M.s
Special Notice to the B.O.S.HOA, Inc. from the HOA D.M.s (Defrauded Monkeys.)
This is to advise you all that we received the Monkey Business 2007 (partial year) "Financial Statement" along with the Monkey Business 2008 projected budget. Please accept our partial bunch of bananas as partial payment of the HOA "dues" and "assessments" demanded. You guys are doing a wonderful job - our cages look great! Our regards to the trio of blind, deaf, and mute Primates on the board.

Your friends,
The Magilla Gorillas


Anonymous said...

(This is a copy of a comment submitted by Anonymous47.)

"The reason HOA's exist is to "control" people. We have Zoning, County, City and State Law for that-and for that it EXISTS. THE WORD IS SPREADING about HOA/Community Common Interests Mgt Companies and HOA ABUSE of POWER! People who value their freedom and their rights and their privacy are waking up to the smell of doom-the stink of over-zealous enforcement has been aired and the wise are retreating from properties that involve this quasi-governmental intrusion into personal liberties. We have adequate governmental mechanisms which involve check and balance features to help assure that the governmental control being exercised is equally and equitably applied and enforced. I do not see that happening with HOA's run by small-minded people who often enforce their own version of "community standards" and often enforce heavily for the most petty and ridiculous reasons. I will shout for joy if ours goes under-and so will a large portion of people I have been polling. It is only a dedicated "few" the unsung heroes who are allegedly "volunteers" (THAT's ANOTHER STORY) who keep this farce of law and morality going. They cannot get us to agree to enrich them by taking on larger HOA fees so they are trying to generate extra income through fines and fees (agency law and administrative law-the tool here)for warning letters, etc., what a bunch of parasites! I can't wait to sell! But, as I have said BEFORE. I will be honest to the core about the hellishness of living under the quasi-dictatorship

chaote987 said...

HOA Connections

What are the HOA Foreclosure - Mortgage Company - Insurance Company - HOA Lawyer connections?
We think this is an important question that needs to be answered since most mortgages include a "PUD Rider" or some such legal rider that requires and supports mandatory "Associations" and the need for mandatory insurance coverage, etc.,etc.

Based upon an HOA Foreclosure case that occurred in our "PUD" subdivision, it looks like the "homeowner" had to refinance his mortgage in order to pay all the costs and legal fees incurred when the HOA filed a foreclosure suit, obtained a judgement and set a date for the HOA foreclosure sale, in order to avoid losing his home. A home which he sold soon after the HOA foreclosure process was over. Maybe we should include "Realtor" commissions too in the HOA scheme.

It seems that this is (was) an advantageous situation for all involved with the exception of the mandatory HOA "homeowner," as well as a superb environment for collusion. Why do the mortgage companies include these "PUD Riders" in almost every mortgage? This must in some way benefit the "Developers" and "The State."

The opportunities for collusion in mandatory HOA scheme are mind-boggling. Think about the possible collusion between the HOA and the C.A.I. lawyers, the mortgage financing - refinancing companies and banks along with the mandatory insurance policies (with ever rising rates), and last but not least, the HOA management companies with their attendant "PCAMs, LCAMS, CAMS," and HOA industry vendors on the lowest level of this multi-level marketing scheme. Wall Street calls this process "churning."

Are we being defrauded bigtime or what? Do our state legislators care or benefit in some way? Can anything be done on the Federal level?