Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome to the HOA Matrix

The Standard which the HOA (and the attendant HOA Industry) imposes is the same standard which the matrix imposes. It is O.K. to be mean, petty, greedy, obsessed with monetary matters (protecting "property values"), enviously obsessing about one's neighbors and endlessly complaining about and trying to control them.

But it is not permitted to be rebellious, unruly, anarchic, or above all disrespectful of the HOA et al, and to commit the ultimate sin of asking to see the "financial records" in order to verify the HOA's actual expenses. Questioning of HOA Boards of Directors, their "management companies and CAMs," their HOA lawyers and their motives are the ultimate crimes to the HOA Industry, which exists only to rule and collect HOA "assessments" in ever increasing amounts from slavish and dumbed down "homeowners."

Consider the inflated HOA "budgets" and pro forma "financial reports," furnished upon request, never being specific or verifiable, so inquisitive "homeowners" can look at these generalized banalities until their eyes glaze over and "they settle into the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from the certainty that no original or challenging thought will be required of them or directed at them, so posing a threat to their slumbersome state." Thus they remain HOA "homeowners," protected, cared for by an HOA Industry that "guarantees" their "property values" will always be protected unless they refuse to pay the HOA "assessments" in which case their "homes" will be liened and foreclosed by the HOA Industry et al and their gracious boards of directors forever insured by D & O insurance which the HOA "homeowners" pay for even if they are not aware of it. Long live the HOA Industry regimes, the HOA insurance corporations, the legal and subdivision development corps. and LLCs operating undisturbed in the American HOA matrix.

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